Posted in Uncategorized by puddleslove on November 3, 2009

Days were spent fighting with Winnie the Pooh, which, mind you, is HUGE! M’s sister outgrown it and it’s now offically mine. =D Just look at how I’m trying to pin that toy down!! haha.


The rest of the days were spent lazing ard at home, doing nth but cam-whoring.
Oh! love my sunnies and bow tie. Grandma came back from Germany not to long ago with lots of treats in her luggage. I know she loves me too. =D Treats are really yummy and there’s only a pkt left. =(



While D wasn’t in town the other time, M and I went Sentosa. That made it the 1st and last time M’s gonna bring me to Sentosa ALONE. Too many things to carry, she said. Still, she didn’t want to leave her pink “noodles” at home. We had so much fun! I love swimming so much.


Not forgetting out weekly Bishan Dog Run, RAIN OR SHINE!!! Recently, M got so sick of my wet mane that she bought be a bib. It’s working quite well. hahaha! We failed to capture any pictures of it yet. Will do during the weekends.

This month will be a fabulous month because D doesn’t have to work and M’s exams are finally over!!!!
The sad thing is that they’ll be away the wk after next and I’ll be staying over at Oscar’s. Hopefully I’ll have fun and not cry. Well, till then.

Love you pals. Toodles!


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